1.You send us the completed contact form and your application documents including references.

We check whether a cooperation is possible. After a successful examination, the contract is concluded – our fee is exclusively success-oriented.

2.We optimise your CV so that your application appeals to employers.

We optimise your application documents and you send them to the companies – adapted to your industry and location.

3.You will immediately receive the positive responses from interested employers directly and

You decide which company you want to interview with.

Congratulations! You have a new job!

The due date for payment does not begin until 6 weeks after the start of work.

Your advantages with our speculative application

Without hidden or additional costs.

Our fee is only due after a successful placement.

Our guarantee promise

Our fee is only due once you have sent us a signed contract of employment.

For the unemployed – free of charge!

If you have a valid placement voucher, the employment agency will pay for our services!


If you pay for our service privately, you can claim it in your tax return.


Rahantech is the leading nationwide specialist recruitment company and continues to grow. We are a direct agent in the German job market all over in Germany. We are not a temporary employment agency.



Our goal is to pave the way for your success

We will be glad to search job for you with permanent employment nationwide.

What We Do For You?

We are happy to help you find new exciting challenges that you have always been looking for or to find an entry into the professional world. With our unsolicited application service, we proactively support you in your job search.

You can define the search criteria such as industry, location, interested field on the basis of which we contact the companies.

After your confirmation of dispatch, we send your optimized application documents to up to 1,000 employers on your behalf.

We check the feedback from potential employers for you. You will receive the positive ones from us as soon as possible. In this way we guarantee that you can quickly contact the employers who are interested in you. Of course, you do not have to accept any job offers that we have placed.

You conduct interviews with employers who are right for you, negotiate your terms and conditions and sign an employment contract directly with the employer.

Job Placement Procedure

  • Send us your application documents CV, cover letter and certificates as an unsolicited application.
  • After checking your documents carefully, we will send you our contract documents.
  • Sign the contract documents and send back to us.
  • We process your application portfolio professionally for you and send it to the employer.
  • We will forward positive response to you from the employer
  • Arrange interviews and sign the employment contract directly with the employer

Job Tips

Resume Templates

A German resume does not need to be longer than two pages. The resume to apply for a new job causes a lot of headaches for applicants. Too many things need to be considered and this document is the most important part of the application documents.

The first section of a German CV lists an applicant’s personal information. This section includes first and last name, place and date of birth, marriage status, nationality, and contact information. Make sure to attach a passport sized photo to the right-hand corner of the document with the name and date of birth written on the back.

The title of the second section is Education. Start with the dates of attendance, the name of the program and the university. The third section title is Work Experience. Jobs experience needs to be listed in reverse chronological order. With each position, include the dates worked for the company, name of the position, name of the company and keep the description to short and to the point.